MAUREEN AND URSULA AND (...).How to write an effective essay/ movie script

May be you need some good hints on this, so two for the price of one: some listening practice and some good clues on writing. Enjoy yourselves!

In this lesson, I give you a simple method for writing a good, effective essay in English. If you don't know where to start when you are given a writing assignment, start here and learn how to do it right!

Watch an introduction to writing a movie script in this free screen play instruction video from our motion picture expert and experienced executive producer.Expert: Ron BecksBio: Ron Becks has been acting since he was a child. His feature film "1st Testament--CIA Vengance" (2001) and his documentary "Haitian Slave Children-- Forgotten Angels (2002)" have won film awards.Filmmaker: Nili Nathan



Teaching English as a ‘global’ language?
Posted by Kati Sule here:

Do you remember one of our very fisrt posts, back in February "Teaching a Foreing Language? Best Teach in the accent of the Listener" ??
Now the question is Should English be taught as a ‘global’ language.??

A new video by David Crystal , answers the question:

Now it is up to you: do you agree with Mr. Crystal?

Should English be taught as a ‘global’ language?

Share your opinions with us.
--David Crystal is a writer, editor, lecturer, and broadcaster. Born in Lisburn, Northern Ireland in 1941, he spent his early years in Holyhead. He read English at University College London (1959-62), specialised in English language studies, did some research there at the Survey of English Usage under Randolph Quirk (1962-3), then joined academic life as a lecturer in linguistics, first at Bangor, then at Reading. He published the first of his 100 or so books in 1964, and became known chiefly for his research work in English language studies, in such fields as
intonation and stylistics, and in the application of linguistics to religious, educational and clinical contexts, notably in the development of a range of linguistic profiling techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.