Carnival, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras.

Picture from: http://www.history.com/content/mardigras

CARNIVAL, FAT TUESDAY, MARDI GRAS ...Venice, Río, Tenerife... Louisiana!
TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS HOLIDAY AND ITS ORIGINS AND HISTORY , about food, parades, traditions, you have 6 really interesting videos:
Listen and read about it and tell us:
Do you buy, prepare or borrow costumes and masks?
Do you eat filloas, jambalaya, king cake, orejas...?
Is there a parade at your place?
What do you do during this holiday??
Please, do write and tell us!


  1. Still in time to leave us a post about your carnival!!!
    Has anyone been to Venice, Río, Tenerife?
    What do you do in your place?
    We want to know!

  2. Warenka Mora2/21/10, 8:09 PM

    I'd love to go to New Orleans and stay there for Mardi Gras. I've seen several time all the necklaces that people wear and the great music that is all around town.

    I hope one day I can be there.

  3. I have never seen any carnival out of Spain althoug I would like it. In my town, all is very simple. The council prepare the carnival for the children in the pavilion. The smallest children go there at five o'clock and the biggest go out in group from the town hall's square to the pavilion where all together dance and enjoy with the children's leaders. There is a fancy dress competition too.
    Adults dress up at night.
    I have never liked the carnivals but now I have three children and all have changed.

    Cristina González Angós

  4. Thank you Warenka! I agree with you, I'd love to be in the Mardi Grass, it looks so colourful and full of good music.

    Thanks for your collaboration as well, Cristina but you forgot to mention where you live! Yes, children change everything don't they? Do you eat something different those days, something special for Carnival?

  5. Hi Lucía:

    I live in a beautiful and small town called Tarazona in Zaragoza but I really am from Malón, a village near Tarazona. I have been living there since I get married. If you feel like to know something else about Tarazona you can visit this web page that I myself did some years ago. http://www.ttarazona.es, in it there is a link to other web page of Malón that I did too.

    We don't eat anything special in carnival however, there are others many traditions such as for "San Vicente" (22 of January) we eat bread with spicy dry pork sausage,for "San Blas" (3 of February), we eat ring cake and it can be with whipped cream or without it, for "San José" (19 of March) we eat fritter and my mother cook it delicious... I imagine that this food tradition will be different from yours.

    Cristina González Angós

  6. L. Borreguero2/24/10, 7:20 PM

    Lately I'm getting to know many nice people from Zaragoza and Teruel, very nice and funny people indeed.
    I will go to your web page-AND LINK!! - right now!!
    That bread sounds delicious...I love almost any kind of bread. Is it similar to botillo?
    Any links? This is turning into a recipes blog!!! :-D

  7. L. Borreguero2/24/10, 7:23 PM

    Did you really do that web page on your own? It is very professional and interesting!!
    I have to go , I want to keep on reading!!

  8. I have never been in any carnival probably is my luck of rythm. I have visited these cities except Louisiana. I like seeing on tv specially the Venice carnival which I find very smart. The thing is I dont like very much to be in places where are crowded, probably its a sort of phobia.
    Paloma B

  9. Thanks Lucía,

    If you come to Tarazona, you will sure like it.



  10. L. Borreguero2/26/10, 9:32 AM

    I'm sure, Cristina. There are so many hidden tourist treasures for me in Spain...

  11. Last week I was in Berlin for a "training for trainers" addressing a group of about 30 people from 25 to 35 years old, all trainers active in the European youth field (just to explain a bit the context). The group is quite diverse since it is composed of participants coming from very different places in Europe.

    For the last night and instead of the usual farewell party they use to have after 12 intensive days reflecting, working, and producing, they decided to organise a Carnival party. And it was just great; an amazing variety of ideas, make-ups, costumes and above all, a lot of imagination. I felt really "lonely" in my traditional daily clothes ;-)

  12. Gisele...your work sounds reeeally interesting and fun... Any vacancies..??

  13. Thanks! My work is just extremely rewarding (although very irregular... this is the dark side of doing training as freelance and to depend on calls and projects), because it is about supporting and accompanying people in their own learning process... a bit as you do with us ;-)

  14. I should start my comment mentioning that I live in Badajoz, where we have one of the best Spanish carnivals (third rate after Tenerife and Cadiz), I am not making it, it is on the polls. To all of you who haven´t had the chance to enjoy Badajoz´s carnival or who don´t know our carnival I invite you to come. Having a population of around 150.000 inhabitants I can assure you that nearly 100.000 citizens walk on the streets wearing costumes and masks.
    Moreover, we have groups working all year around to create magnificent costumes to wear during the parade, they are called “comparsas”, we have some others called “murgas” that make funny songs about any subject that is fashion for society and there is a very important contest of song that keeps everyone’s attention in the whole city.
    So, if you have the chance, come and enjoy a carnival that is on the streets and that is made for every one to enjoy. I assure you that you won´t regret it. I may see you around next year!!!.

    Marisa Gordillo Cavacasillas, Uned. Mérida

  15. Well, well, well. I loved Cáceres when I was there so this is a must to visit Badajoz now! Any good links, please?

  16. Hi everyone!

    I love carnivals because streets are full of color. But I haven't seen any real carnival like Rio, Tenerife.

    In carnivals I used to go friend's house and dressed up with some friends and celebrate there. Today I don't do anything special.