tendonitis and carpal tunnel

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I have had a hard week: My right hand/arm aches like mad and I 've known I may have carpal tunnel syndrome!! It really aches, even in your sleep, and it gets worse if you have to use your pc mouse, of course, so I've been browsing the net and this man has saved my life, percusionist David Kuckhermann.
I know this post may have little to do with our subject but as we all use the computer for long hours, here is my contribution today. A really useful listening:
Thanks David!!!
*Now to you:
Have you surfed the net for help like me?
Did it work?
Any positive/negative answers?
I'll go and do my daily stretching... :-)

****By the way:
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tendinitis (informally also tendonitis), meaning inflammation of a tendon (the suffix "itis" means "inflammation"), is a type of tendinopathy


  1. Hi Lucia,

    I hope you are right now.

    I began to surf the net for help some years ago when I was pregnant of my first baby and now I go on doing it. But it was when my daughter Sofía was born when Internet was really useful for me. She had eight months and I go on breasting-feed my baby but unfortunatly I cought a fungal infection in my breasts. It was horrible because I was in a lot of pain and the only answer from the healht proffesional in my town was that I stop breast-feed my baby but of course that wasn't my idea and looked for help in the internet. Fortunately, I found an association that helped me a lot. They recommended me a doctor and he helped me so I could feed my daughter with my breast during two years.

    I think that Internet is an open world of possibilities and we had to take advantage of it.

    Cristina González

  2. Hi Cristina and all,

    I have never searched the net for medical advise but I have given it a try now that I am feeling an intense and growing pain in my shoulder.

    According to my physiotherapist I am suffering from severe tendinitis and physiotherapy is what I need. On top of that, the chemist suggests I take anti-flammatories but I have tried both and I still cry with pain when I twist my arm or lift it up.

    Nevertheless, I have found a few tips at www.familydoctor.org that I am sure will help me even more: rest and specific exercises (stretching and controlled rotation).

    I hope the combination of them three will kill the pain for good.

    Ainhoa Revilla

  3. Hi Ainhoa,

    I hope that combination make you feel better.

    Some time ago and after having my three children, I read a book which said that all our illness or ailment are created by ourselves in our mind. Each part of our body is conected with a thought and the problems of everyday life are expressed in a pain way. Everything we have to do is listening our body. My husband thinks that I am mad but I have had severe pain that in the same way it came, it went out. Of course I think that there are cases in which you have to go to the doctor and other in which alternative medicine is very appropiate too.

    Cristina González Angós

  4. Wow, I suppose you can find almost everything in the Internet these days... even a video with exercises specifically designed for people suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome!!!

    I have to admit that, before reading this post, I would have never thought of searching the web for advice if I felt any pain. But it seems it's worth messing around a little bit with youtube before paying a visit to the doctor...

    BTW, Lucía, Ainhoa, I hope you're feeling better!!

    Silvia Sánchez Rodríguez

  5. A bit as Cristina, I started to look for health related issues on the web when I was pregnant ;-)

    Since then, I did not do it so much although I use to have a look - from time to time - to a huge medical encyclopedia that my sister has (it is a paper version, but still), simply because it is extremely interesting...

    However lately, I started to search for more information about "Gestalt therapy", partly because I work with a person using it in training and partly because it corresponds to my vision of the necessity to know ourselves better and understand why we act in a way or another (and this is also related to what Cristina says about the power of our mind over our body, for good or for bad). If you wish to get general info, you can have a look to http://www.gestalt.org/ or to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gestalt_therapy

    I'm quite happy to get into that and actually, it is pretty linked to the topic of the task we have to do after the Unit 3 ;-)

    Ainhoa, I sincerely hope you'll get better soon!

    Best wishes to everybody,


  6. Hi Gisele,

    I have never heard about Gestalt therapy and according to what I have read so far it seems very interesting. I will go on reading about this.

    Thank you for the links.


  7. Hi Girls,
    Thanks for your concern... but I am afraid the pain remains.
    I must admit I do not exercise as much as I used to (in fact, I haven't exercised at all for months!), but I have tried to avoid certain routines such as holding my bag onto my sore shoulder, sleeping on the side, etc. Apparently applying cold (= ice) to the zone helps but how dares doing so this time of the year? Not me!!!!

    Geee, I suppose this is just another sign I am getting old!



  8. Hi Ainhoa

    You never mention that. All of us are very young women and we still can give a lot of trouble. It's true that our children are grow old and we can seem more old but I refuse to think that with 33 years old I am an old woman. Some people say that each person is as young as he/she feels and I want thinking that I am 25, ha, ha...


  9. Ruth Cabezudo3/10/10, 10:30 PM

    First of all, I hope Lucía and Ainhoa are feeling much better right now. I think I will try to find something on the net for my neck, because I had a car crash some years ago and it aches from time to time. I think stretching and doing some exercise would help me a lot, but I never have time to do any of them.

    I became quite obsessed with medical websites some time ago: every time the doctor told me I had high levels of anything in my blood, I surfed the net in order to get more information about that. Fortunately, the analyses were wrong many times and I was all right, but I have to admit I got really scared with certain pages I found, because there was so much information about all I could have and its causes were so serious that I couldn't help it.
    I think I'm not the right person to advise about health, but depending on what you search for, you'd better watch out if you're a bit hypochondriac, like me, because you could think what you may have is much worse than what it really is.

    Anyway, now that I've got over it in some degree, I think I'll give Internet another chance regarding medical issues, it can be very useful in many cases.

    Thank you very much for your links, Gisele. I'm going to have a look at them right now!

    Best wishes,


  10. Well, well, well. Nine comments in two or three days is not bad at all...
    You seem interested!
    First of all, thanks everybody, I'm much better thanks to David advise.
    Now, Cristina, I did the same as you, we all start using the internet for similar reasons.
    Many illnesses come and go as you say, so yes, may be we should listen more to our bodies!
    Ainhoa, are you better as well? I do hope so!
    Silvia, you are right, one never knows what the web may be useful some day in our daily routine...
    And Ruth has said very wise words too. The net is not a panacea for our problems. There are many hoaxes and useless information going around also. We must be careful and double check the information we find and never become obsessed.

  11. Hi all of you,

    Yesterday when I got up I had a toothache. I didn't pay attention because as I said in a post, some pains come and go in the same way. Well, today my pain was unbearable and this morning I have gone to the dentist. What I was thinking has come true. It's my wisdom tooth, last year I had to take off another and although the operation was well, my face was desfigured for a week and I had a lot of pain. I have to take off this one too and now I know what will happen to me and that is the reason why I am so scared. And I wonder why this has happened to me again? There are a lot of people in the world but I suppose that this is a small problem if a compare it with so many disfortune in the earth.

    I will try to be brave that day.

    Cristina González Angós

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  13. Carpal tunnel syndrome usually given to people who spend much time in front of your PC, since they use the mouse a long time and suffers laserasiones hand. The pain that you say you can be the result of that, the story that accounts for the drummer is very good, in fact if you are very right.