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  1. Hi Lucía,

    This website is really very good especially to slow people like me. When you put the link some weeks ago I found it really useful so I have been recommeded it to all my classmates of the EOI.

    Thank you,

  2. Sandra Johansen4/16/10, 1:41 PM

    I like it! We can improve our pronuntiation a lot. Many thanks to share with us this site!

  3. We are glad you liked it, Sandra. Please, let us know if you got it!

    María Jordano

  4. I'm amazed, I just went to the site and it's awesome. It works perfectly. And what I loved the most is that it is VERY simple, no complications.

    I tried with the Twilight trailer, and of course my voice didn't sound at all like the cute vampire but I could really work on the pronunciation. It was a very nice experience.

    Thank you for suggesting sites like this one.

    Regards.... W

  5. Paloma Blanco4/23/10, 4:47 PM

    I like it too. It´s a very useful website and I have added it to my favourites to listen and practice pronunciation.

  6. I agree with you all, it is a really good website to improve our pronunciation!
    I also have tried some trailer like "Alice in Wonderland", and it is very interesting, not only for improve pronunciation but also because you can hear the dialogues faster or slowly.
    Thank for the suggestion!

    Silvia Useros

  7. As you see, there are many really useful tools to improve our speaking abilites, our listening, our pronunciation...
    Remember also to record yourself at home, practicing your English. You can listen to it later and check how it turns out. It is a very helpful exercise.

  8. Cristina Tejera6/13/10, 10:24 PM

    Yes there really are, I didn't know about this web, but now I've got it on my favorite list, although I don't really need to practice my pronunciation ('cause I speak English since I was born), I think it's very use full that these kind of pages should be known.

    Cheers, Cris