If you are looking for good blogs to practice your English, improve your pronunciation or just read some real English, this will be very helpful:


Monica is a bilingual teacher (her mum is English) and she keeps this blog to help students, as simple as that.
The blog includes :
Inicio Curso Gratuito Índice All Lessons ¿Quieres Colaborar? Artículos Ebpai-Clases de Inglés Contacta FAQ
Posts Destacados: Business English Pronunciación Trucos para aprender inglés Escribir en Inglés Do and Does El participio pasado Wh-questions Recursos 1 Recursos 2

Please, visit Monica's blog watch her videos



and write your coments.

What do you think of the blog, is it useful for your studying?
Why/why not?
Do you keep a blog? In English?

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