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Posted by Sarah Harlan - email (NBC) - Here's an example of what not to do after a night out drinking at a pub. The British newspaper The Sun claims to have obtained a copy of the top-secret script for the next Harry Potter movie. A film crew allegedly left the script under a table at a pub in England after a night of drinking, where someone picked it up. The Sun said the script was marked "private and confidential" and contained some major changes from the original book by J.K.... http://celebrifi.com/gossip/British-newspaper-Top-secret-Harry-Potter-script-left-at-pub-2118632.html

It was given to The Sun by a reader who found it at a boozer in Kings Langley, Herts, often used by star Daniel Radcliffe, 20.
The script - marked "Private and Confidential" - was spotted under a table.
It reveals how film chiefs have made several dramatic changes from JK Rowling's book Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows.
Studio Warner Bros last night thanked The Sun after we handed back the lost script.
And bosses launched an urgent investigation into how the inch-thick booklet was lost - as sources told how the film's crew went on a major drinking session.
The £250 million film, starring Daniel Radcliffe as the schoolboy wizard, is currently being completed at Leavesden Studios in Kings Langley, Herts.
On Thursday night a large group of film crew went to the nearby Waterside Tavern.
A source at the pub said: "They'd got behind schedule in filming but then caught up, so they went out for a celebratory drink which led to many more.

Surprise ... we've obscured script to keep spoilers secret
"There was a huge group. They were here all night, laughing and joking, chucking back beers.
"They usually come down for a session on a Friday, but because it was Easter they were in a day early.
"Daniel Radcliffe is the only member of the cast who has been known to come down and have a laugh with them, but he wasn't there that night."
The Sun reader who found the script said: "I couldn't believe my eyes. I know guys that work on the film drink in the pub, but it's very embarrassing that someone could just leave it there.
"I'm glad I've helped to stop any surprises being leaked."
The script shows how film bosses have split the final Potter story into two parts to keep fans in suspense. The first film - with Daniel's co-stars Emma Watson and Rupert Grint back in their usual roles - is due for release in November. Part two will follow in July next year.
The Sun has seen how producers are making a number of dramatic changes from the book, but we are keeping the details secret and have blurred our picture of the script so as not to spoil fans' enjoyment.

Crew's boozer ... Waterside Tavern
A Warner Bros spokesman said: "We are grateful to The Sun for the safe return of this script." It is the THIRD time that Harry Potter secrets have almost been revealed prematurely.
In May 2003, copies of The Order Of The Phoenix book were found in a Suffolk field six weeks before the publication date. Then four years ago the script for that film was found at an alleged "dogging" site beside the A25 in Chipstead, Kent.
a.crick@the-sun.co.ukRead more: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2917920/Top-secret-Harry-Potter-movie-script-left-in-a-pub-by-boozy-film-crew.html#ixzz0kVQxDIKh
Contribution Dr. Jordano

Now, is this serious? Are we going nuts? Are those writers sensible, responsible, good workers?
Isn't it that important? Can this happen to anybody?
Why, in your opinion, is this happening more and more often at work?


  1. Warenka Mora4/21/10, 11:37 AM

    I think this was just a mistake, the problem here is that a lot of money is involved. And that's really what worries the film studio. Only the money, they don't care about the fans, nor the author, so this is whay it is so important.

    I think humans have the right to make mistakes, of course everyone should be ethical and have no intention when making them.

    I think in order to diminish anxiety and strees we should be more forgiving with ourselves and with the others, as I said: We all have the right to do something wrong.

    Regards.... W

  2. Paloma Blanco4/22/10, 8:46 PM

    I remember to have read some time ago a violinist who forgot his violin in a cab in NYC. The problem was that the violin was an Stradivarious that costed millions of pounds. He could recover it and to thank it gave a free concert on the street. I think people make this sort of mistakes because maybe they are stressed or nervous or even they do not have an strong sense of responsability. I disagree with Warenka : if you are responsable of something which is important it´s your duty to take care of it until the end. For me to loose this sort of documents in this case the script only shows a lack of responsability and it should be punished with a fire or a fine.

  3. Elena de los Cobos4/22/10, 9:31 PM

    Hello: Maybe I´m not right, but in my opinion these kind of news has something to do with promotion. When a book of Harry Potter was about to be sold, several books are found and people is obliged to stop reading it. Relating Harry Potter there is always polemic and that´s what they look for.

  4. Very clever opinions, you three!! I'm a bit more with Warenka but Elena and Paloma are right as well...May be the fact that we are always in such a hurry makes us less responsible but what wouldn't a producer do for a good free marketing campaing...

  5. I agree with Paloma and Elena. I think is a good press and it could induce that JK Rowling sell a lot of books because of the curiosity of the people. Anyway, in this kind of news, we can't be sure that it has been said all truth about it. Really anyone lost that copy of Harry Potter or forgot it deliberately?

  6. Cristina Tejera6/13/10, 10:36 PM

    When it's about something that is about to go on sale, I think like Paloma and Elena. But what happened on England with a pen drive that was full of "Top Secret", well, I am totally with Warenka.