ELLLO: English Listening Lesson Library Online

Do you know ELLLO? ELLLO means English Listening Lesson Library Online :
Learn English naturally.
You can practice English in the funniest way.

Listening Lessons (Views, Mixer, Games ...)Activities include multimedia, free MP3 files, vocab tasks, language notes, print page and more.

There are now over 600 audio clips on ELLLO. Below are just a small sample of what is on the site.
High BeginnerThese activities are good for students who are new to learning English.
High IntermediateThese listening activities are a little more difficult.
Low IntermediateThese listening activities are a little more difficult, but not much.
AdvancedIn these clips, the speakers talk faster and the topics are more difficult.

The mp3 files and text on elllo are Creative Commons. Students and teachers are free to download, copy and distribute these materials for educational purposes. They are not transferable for commercial purposes.


  1. I thought this website was very interesting and a huge help for listenings. I'll certainly be using it from now on!

  2. And the best to practice easily and in a funny way. I hope you all make the most of it.

  3. Paloma Blanco5/5/10, 8:43 PM

    It´s a very interesting link. I have practiced with some games and the best it´s they deal with different accents which it´s very useful for us.

  4. Covadonga Glez. Bernardo5/6/10, 9:12 AM

    This is a great site. Thanks!

  5. I also think this is a great site.
    I always had problems with my "listenings" and this is a good way to improve it.
    I specially like the advanced ones because they talk about personal experiencies and the people are from diferent countries, so this is a good way to know different accents. In addition it is a good help to have the transcriptions in case you don't understand something.

    Silvia Useros

  6. Inma Morales5/13/10, 7:22 PM

    Wow! What a discovery! Thanks very much for this site: it's so very useful to improve our listening skills.

    Silvia, I agree with you: transcriptions are a great help for me whenever I get stuck in a word or phrase. Even though I understand the gist of a speech, it's always good to check the things I missed, because that way I can learn a lot of new words and expressions.

    Cheers everybody!

  7. I've found very interesting the listening section of elllo. Different accents, different levels. Really great!
    Lucía Sanz

  8. Great to see some innovative resources for learners of English!!

  9. mari llanos bernabeu cifuentes5/18/10, 11:14 AM

    Yeah!! I like it very much. Ello is very ineresting, I agree with you Bruce.
    It's an innovator tool for English learners.

    M. Llanos Bernabeu

  10. mari llanos bernabeu5/18/10, 11:25 AM

    Eh! Ello is funny too. And you can learn English and play both

  11. L. Borreguero5/25/10, 10:24 PM

    Today there are many, many useful tool on the Internet as technology has helped language learners A LOT with new, interesting and interactive activities and webs. You can browse the net in the summertime to find new things and practice, not to forget what you have learnt.

  12. Cristina Tejera6/13/10, 10:53 PM

    Ello is very ineresting, I agree with Bruce.


  13. Awesome, thanks for posting. I found Elllo iPhone version as well. Check this out. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/elllo-english/id417373747?mt=8

    Here is a YouTube video as well. Enjoy it!!