The Mom's song

The course is coming to its end. Many of you complain about lack of time, lots of work, many other tasks and activities to be done, family to take care of...
Let me put a smile on your faces, moms and dads as well. And enjoy the weekend, even if studying!

source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkeL9Djgm0Y

As always, your comments and impressions are more than welcome!!


  1. It is a funny song! but thanks God! it has the lyrics, she sings very fast!
    I have no children, so I can not say how it is, but from the outside, it seems a hard work,
    and as she says, "a mom's work never ends".

    Silvia Useros

  2. Carmen Escolar Langa5/17/10, 5:57 PM

    Funny song at the beginning, What speed has the lady singing!!!

    Being a mum is hard work but listening to this sketch makes you tired as well.

    A bit stressful at the end!!!


  3. Paloma Blanco5/17/10, 6:56 PM

    OMG I am exhausted! How come anybody speak so fast and don´t forget and don´t repeat any sentence in the song? It´s amazing!

  4. With the exams so close, I'm starting to feel like this lady, not only because of the kids, but also because of the school, the household, my husband, etc... so this made me think that I should take things slowly or I'll end up like that lady, which although funny, is not my aim at the time.

    However, she missed all the good stuff of being a mom: the kisses, the I-love-yous, the hugs, and the playtime.

    I'm a mom of a 4 year old girl and a baby boy of 1 year old.... and It's hard, but I love it.

    It made me laugh ..... and think....


  5. Elena de los Cobos5/17/10, 10:42 PM

    I´ve really enjoyed with the video, and like everybody I´m astonished of how can she sing so quickly. I have no children of my own but as you may know I work in a school and I feel they are all of them my children. Thank you to put a smille at the end of the school year. Good luck to everybody. Kisses everywhere, Elena.

  6. I think it isn´t to late for post in the blog, and do it with this video, just to say... Amazing.
    How can anybody, if anyone can tell me,speak,sing,wherever, so fast and with a very good pronunciation.
    I say again, incredible.

    Good luck in the exams to everyone.

  7. That's a great song! So true to life

  8. Well, if you have a look at the latest post, as you all seem so enthusiastic about this song, you will find more info about the woman who wrote it, Anita Renfroe!

  9. Cristina Tejera6/13/10, 10:59 PM

    I identify myself in almost everything she said, because I'M A MOM!