Could you imagine the famous Happy Meal without toys?

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  1. I personally don't think it is so bad. Maybe it is an advertising technique but I think that if the Happy meal menus hadn't the toy, the children would eat it anyway.
    I recognize that I like it, and I can't imagine a happy meal without the little present. I have always thought that the "happy meal-name" was for the present.
    In adittion, the responsability for a good eating habits it's because the parent's education, not just because McDonals has a menu that gives the children a toy.
    At leats that's what I think.
    Silvia Useros

  2. Oohhh, that's sad! Where am I going to get my Shreck toys from now on? I guess I'll have to go to Burger King! No, seriously. This ban doesn't seem to help address the real issue, which is children's excessive intake of junk food and health in general. My point of view, as a European who lived (and ate) in the States for some time is that the American culture has a complicated relationship with food. On one hand, food is the fuel you put into your body to make it work and on the other hand, it’s the bad impulse you need to master in order not to get fat. The idea of food as a source of pleasure, of health and a wonderful means for people to get together and relate to each other ( the etymology of companion comes from Latin : com- + panis bread, food) doesn’t come naturally across the pond. There are a few cook, though, women cook, like TV personalities Martha Steward and the late Julia Child, or Californian Chef Alice Waters who have contributed to try and change the mainstream culture about food in the US. I recommend you see the film Julie & Julia starring Meryl Streep ( who as always is absolutely great). It’s about the life of cooking legend Julia Child and a young woman called… Julie, you guessed right!, who lives in Queens and decides to write a blog about cooking Child’s recipes for a whole year. Here’s the trailer .
    Bon appétit! Valérie

  3. Children are always attracted by toys and big companies know what they do. You can't guesss the big quantity of advertisement about meal for children that are broadcasted on TV and most of the times, the advertisement devote more time to the toy that to the meal. From my point of view, I think that children are lied and the parents have the arduous task of making them understand what advertiser is trying to do.

    I have three little children and I have ever been in this situation and sometimes I have bought a certain product because my children have asked for it and then, they have only been interested in the toy, not in the meal because they didn't like the meal. The meal usually is quite bad.

    Cristina González Angós