Saturday 27 March 2010 at 8.30pm
We want a billion people around the world to switch off their lights for one hour, WWF’s Earth Hour, to show they care about people
and wildlife threatened by climate change. WWF’s Earth Hour provides a fun and effective way of giving students a voice in tackling
climate change, and your participation is crucial to its success!
Watch this WWF-UK video to find out more: http://earthhour.wwf.org.uk/about_earth_hour/aboutearthhour/

What do you think of these initiatives?

Do you take part in them?

Are they useful to make people aware of what's going on?

Please send your comments!


  1. I think these inititives by different groups like WWF are very positive although in my experience not many people take them seriously, and most of those who take part in them are already quite conscious about the environment and its current state.
    I try to take part in them although it hasn't been always possible. If you are sharing a flat and one of your flatmates doesn't believe there's a problem in the first place and won't prticipate, then you can't do much. But I'll definitely take part in this initiative!

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  3. I also think these initiatives are very
    interesting and positive, although
    I thing it is only a beginning, and people should not stop here but carry on doing things that help.
    However, as I have said, it’s a beginning, a good beginning, and it’s a good way to
    protest and attract attention to the public opinion.
    I have only taken part in one of these initiatives once, but I go to manifestations, and collaborate with some organisation, although It’s complicated if you don’t have very much time.
    I'll take note for saturday.

  4. Cristina Tejera3/20/10, 4:06 PM

    I think i'ts a great idea and i will participate. I think these kind of things make us feel better.
    For a lot of people it doesn't mean nothing, but there are feew of us that belive that one little hand is better than nothing.

  5. I don't really think that these kinds of things do much to our environment. Because I stay one hour, a certain day,one time per year I don't think things change. For many people is an adventure more. I think that environment's problems is an issue of all days, I mean, for example, to do a big car is necesary more energy than to do a small car, but how many people that can afford a big car renounce it and of course a big car use more fuel than a small car. Other example are the central heating, fortunately I live in a house and I can turn on the heating when I want but the situation of a lot of people that live in flats is quite different. I have seen people that in the middle of winter wear a short sleeved shirt in their home which I consider is quite contradictory.
    Of course I don't think take part in that event but there are other lots of things to do diary.

    Cristina González Angós

  6. I have a question about the iniciative: we have to switch off the lights at London 20:30 or at our own 20:30? Do they want to coordinate all the countries (North Hemisphere of course) at an specific hour? It would be a really astonishing photo the Earth without lights seen from the space!!


  7. Hello and thanks for your comments Alma,Silvia, Cristina Tejera, Cristina González and Belén. You are right, things are not going to change radically after one of these actions but, as it is said in the video, this is a (...)"huge positive message that we want action on climate change", it's a way of getting our attention.
    Belén, 80:30 means local time.

  8. Paloma Blanco3/22/10, 7:44 PM

    I agree with Cristina; I do not think this sort of things help a lot to the enviroment. And besides, I always recall that in the s. XIV there was another mini Ice age so I wonder if now that everybody speaks about the warming of the planet and we are having each time the coldest winter since a lot of years, I wonder if this is not another ice age or it´s just an effect of the warming. Probably I will switch off the light but surely not for an hour, it´s a lot :-)

  9. Sandra Johansen3/23/10, 10:48 AM

    I did it last year and I will do it this Saturday. I think that this kind of things are not going to change the world or improve our environment, but "that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" ;-)

  10. Maria Isabel Bosoko3/25/10, 7:39 PM

    I have heard first about this last week on tv, and I think this is going to be the second year they promote such a global initiative. I think they want to warn people about the importance of saving energy, it is just a gestus.Probably promoters will be succesful if they advertise the idea everywehere on tv, on internet, in the streets... I think it is a good idea because we need people to make aware of saving electricity and I will take part in it

  11. Thanks Paloma, Sandra, María Isabel for your entries. Just less than two days left and we will see what people think about it. As most have said it is just a way of saying "careful"!!!

  12. Ruth Cabezudo3/26/10, 11:41 PM


    I think these initiatives are great. It's the best way to show you care about your environment, but I think it would even be more interesting if we did it at the same time in certain countries, as Belén suggested, although we already do it: GMT+1 is the time zone of almost any country in Europe.

    I took part in this event last year and I would like to tell you about it, because it was amazing to see how people in Europe take part in initiatives like this one.
    I was on the Internet, in a community I used to visit quite often, with some friends of mine. We were listening to a very interesting broadcast -a live concert, in fact- in a chat room where people were mostly European. At 8PM, eight out of ten people have disconnected; at 8:15PM we were about three, four people and the artist, who is Spanish, decided to finish it. It was amazing to see how fifty people from different countries logged off in fifteen minutes: they liked the concert, but they really wanted to support Earth hour, so they got ready to turn everything off before 8:30PM.

    I think the main point of events like this is to make people aware we care about climate change and want to make up for all the damage we have caused to this planet. I will take part on it tomorrow, too, unless I have to work (I'm on duty: if I get a phone call, I will have to connect to Internet to solve the problems we may have).

    I hope all of you will join us, if you can.

  13. Thanks Ruth, for your experience.
    I was wondering, has any of you heard about how it was? Any comments on "the day after"?

  14. Well, from my point of view any initiative is a good initiative, but this one is special because it involves the entire world and that is amazing.
    Any single act becomes an international act, any single act means we want to do something it doesn´t matter the size of it, what counts is the aim of it.
    If you think that for turning all the lights in your house you are doing nothing you are wrong, you are doing a lot. At least this is what I believe and what I have done. On March 27th I joined millions of people in this planet who had the same beliefs and personally I felt great about it. So, following the proposition and I unplugged all the electric devices in my house and for an hour I was in my terrace just lying and thinking, a nice exercise by the way. Is nice to help.

    Marisa Gordillo Cavacasillas. Uned Mérida.

  15. And remember: Little streams make big rivers!!

  16. Hello,

    I think we woke up too late.Unfortunetelly, we are out of time to do things for our Planet.Still, with some effort from evreybody we might catch the time we`ve lost.Let`s recycle more and less polution.Everybody must participate.The Planet belongs to all of us!Or is that we belong to the Planet??
    All I know is that we should swich off the lights, once in a year, like everybody as a sign of solidarity.And then, in our homes, daily if you like to.
    The recycle issue is something that conserns all of us.And it is such an easy task....

    I respect your opinios (I might not share them), bus as a geographer (before English student) I can`t be quiet.


    P.S Do you remeber the cartoons "Captain Planet"? That was a great lesson!

    Valentina Ionescu

  17. Montse Barrachina3/30/11, 12:43 PM

    I appreciate this kind of initiatives, but, honestly, I didn’t percieved anybody excited about Earth Hour in Barcelona. Besides, I wonder what can you do if sharing your life with someone who ignores environment advices. I don’t have a car ( I don’t need it) and I am aware of recycling and rational use of energy at home, but I often feels powerless with adult people’s habits. I think that school can help the new generations growing with new values.