Foods to Boost Your Mood.

Blissful meals
Though their findings are debated, several studies show that a lack of certain vitamins and minerals may put you at risk for depression. Try these 10 nutrient-rich meals that taste as good as they make you feel.


Salmon Salad With Vinaigrette Studies show that omega-3 fatty acids may have therapeutic benefits in depressed children. And this savory salmon dish contains 6 grams of this monounsaturated fat. Ingredients: Green beans, red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, extra virgin olive oil, minced shallots, salmon fillets, mixed salad greens, Vidalia onion, eggs Calories: 271

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  1. You can leave your comments on your diets, whether you think it is right to diet, if you have specially healthy recipes no to put on weight, etc, etc. Don't be shy!

  2. Well, I think that our body needs all kind of vitamins and minerals in a proportioned way and we can get these vitamins and minerals from different foods and it doesn't necessarily have to be mixing all ingredients like in the meals that the first link suggests to our. The world evolve and cookery too but I prefer simple meals. For me cheakpeas are cheakpeas and I don't like mix it with other foods and the same with lentils, beans, or vegetables. Anyway, I have seen all recipes just in case and I think that my necessities of that vitamins are covered which have calmed to me.

    On the other hand I wonder, what about that people that suffer from allergy to certain foods? Probably vitamins and minerals contained in that foods will be compensated for others. Nature is very wise. When I had my first baby I had a lot of problems because he didn't stop crying and I didn't know what to do because my pediatrician said that the problem was that he needed baby's bottle. I flatly refused to pay attention to her and looked for information by other ways. I found an association that helped me a lot and I discovered that is much better to eat foods separately because in case that one of them feel badly you can identify it easier. And my problem was solved. Everything I ate passed through the milk.

    As regards second part, I don't agree with losing weight lowering the daily caloric intake. I think that sooner or later body get used to that quantity of calories and we stay in the same situation. I know a woman that said: "Have breakfast like a king, eat like a prince and have dinner like a beggar" and that same woman said too: "to lose weight is necessary, little bed, little plate and a lot of sole of shoe" (poca cama, poco plato y mucha suela de zapato).

    Cristina González Angós

  3. Detailed and interesting! Cheers Cristina!

  4. My name is Mari Carme Garcia Jara and I think that getting into a diet is getting into a cercle becouse you can't keep on dieting forever. It's impossible not to eat icecream or chocolate or fries ...
    I can't deny that I do it and that's why I know that it doesn't work

  5. I found really interesting the article about eating less in order to live more. It means not only living more years but being less vulnerable to have illnesses.
    my question is: are people really interested in making such a sacrifice?
    I think most of people would prefer living less years whereas having the pleasure of feeling satisfied everyday