1. a. The act of shrinking.
b. The degree to which something shrinks; shrinkage.

2. Slang A psychotherapist.

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Browsing around in the internet, looking for information about our unit's topic of these weeks, I've come across the most unexpected things about it...
Puppets? What for?
Blogs by Psychiatrists for Psyquiatrists...but no one has to listen!
Of course cartoons, books, art...
What do you think?
Do It Yourself Book of Freudian Psychoanalysis
Freud's insights are everywhere in 20th-century literature. But, from Virginia Woolf to Philip Roth, psychoanalysts have been given short shrift in fiction, lacking the inner life that is their trade.
Celebrities and shrinks:
Britney Spears A Hot Topic For Shrinks
Psychoanalysis FAQ
Dinah, ClinkShrink, & Roy introduce Shrink Rap: a blog by Psychiatrists for Psychiatrists. A place to talk; no one has to listen. All patient vignettes are confabulated; the psychiatrists, however, are mostly real. --Topics include psychotherapy, humor, depression, bipolar, anxiety, schizophrenia, medications, antidepressants, antipsychotics, ethics, psychopharmacology, forensic and correctional psychiatry, psychology, mental health, chocolate, and emotional support ducks. Don't ask.

The Country Shrink

A psychologist from rural America comments on psychology, psychiatry, religion, and politics.

Tell me, how do you feel about finger puppets?
Go nuts with this set of psychoanalyst puppets, including Freud (the father of psychoanalysis), his daughter Anna Freud (a noted child therapist), Carl Jung (king of the collective unconscious). Comes with a red chaise lounge so the shrinks can take turns shrinking each other.
You and your friends can debate psychological theory, reenact the friendship and breakup of Freud and Jung, and turn psychoanalytical theory on its head! The box converts to a puppet theater. Made in China.
Shrink art -- many of us have seen it. I'm not talking about shrunken objects or about things wrapped in clear plastic. I'm referring to something more intimate and private, something many of us have knowledge of but rarely mention: the art and objects that grace the offices of the therapists and analysts we have known. Shelburne Thurber, "Psychoanalytic Interiors,"


  1. Paloma Blanco3/22/10, 7:37 PM

    Well this is not my favourite topic as sincerely I don´t like doctors at all and I don´t believe much in medicine.I know it sounds strange but I think that unless you have something such as a broken leg which has an easy treatment, medicine can do a little on you.I have a friend´s friend who is a very intelligent woman, has two degrees and speaks perfectly two foreign languages and who from time to time enters in a deep depression that doesn´t let her to do anything, not even to get up and have a shower. After a ton of pills she suddenly begins to feel better and one day she wakes up and is ok. We the human beings are chemistry: so if we lack of some ingredient, we get ill. The difficult stuff is for doctors to discover what´s exactly wrong on us. Our brain is very complex and I have read some years ago that we only use a 10% and it´s the great unknown.

  2. Patricia Conde3/27/10, 2:02 PM

    I have a joke. Hope you like it.

    Two elderly couples were enjoying friendly conversation when one of the men asked the other, "Fred, how was the memory clinic you went to last month?"

    "Outstanding," Fred replied. "They taught us all the latest psychological techniques - visualization, association..."

    "That's great! And what was the name of the clinic?"

    Fred went blank. He thought and thought, but he couldn't remember. Then he smiled and asked, "What do you call a red flower with the long stem and thorns?"

    "You mean a rose?"

    "Yes, that's it!" He turned to his wife. "Rose, what was the name of that clinic we went to?"


  3. Inma Morales3/29/10, 5:32 PM

    Hahaha, that's a good one. Reading about psychoanalysis, I remembered this video:


    I used to have a good laugh whenever I watched it on tv, even though I didn't understand much of what's in it.

    Lucía, many thanks for the links; they're so very interesting!! I enjoyed them all, specially The Country Shrink and the Shrink Rap. I couldn't stop reading: they're gripping!

    And what can I say about the finger puppets? Hilarious! I liked the TICKLE ME FREUD better, though... haha.

  4. Warenka Mora Aponte3/29/10, 10:58 PM

    Personally, I believe that a good therapy can change your life for good. The problem is to find a really good shrink, because not all of them are ethical.

    Some time ago, I was having a rough time trying to figure out certains things and going to therapy helped me get my ideas straight. Another thing is that a shrink does not heal you, but shows you the way to deal with certain things.

    So hurray!! for Freud, Fromm and all the great shrinks throughout the History!!!

  5. Paloma is right, that's why they say our brain a the greates stranger of health.
    Patricia! I loved the joke!! A good laugh is the best medicine.
    Thanks for your own experience, this may help others a lot.

  6. I'm glad you liked it, Inma. Remember you all that any links or info you may have about our topics are always welcome!

  7. Irene Espósito6/12/10, 1:48 PM

    Oops, taking a look around although it is late in the course, exams are over, tha kind of stuff you could talk to a shrink about...
    Lucia, the cartoons are great, he he, i really liked the hotline one. The picture of Father Christmas on the couch made me think of how very self-centred therapy is. I realise that's the essence of it, but I also think that our weakness in the XXI century is our utter inability to reach out and feel with the rest of the world. So there's a thought, everything breathes, not just ourselves and it is a glorious thing to share. Cheers everyone!

  8. Hello,
    Here is a funny contribution about this topic:

    A bartender reaches psychiatrist :
    - Doctor, yesterday , in the evening , a customer came into the bar. He asked for a brandy to drink and then ate the cup , except the foot. Do you think that was crazy ?
    - Absolutely ! Leg is the most tasty .

    The psychiatrist told me I am crazy.I said I need a second opinion.He said I am also ugly.

    In a shrink`s consultation:
    -Congratulations Mr. John! The treatment worked! You are making progresses!
    -This is what you call progresses? Six months ago I was Napoleon and now I am nobody!

    To a shrink:
    -Doctor, I came to you for my wife.She has a fixed idea that someone wants to steel her dresses.
    -Are you sure, sir?
    -Absolutely! She has contracted a guy for this job.I have found him in the wardrobe.

    Valentina Ionescu