Plus-size models on ELLEN (Crystal Renn, Kate Dillon, etc)

You have just watched Crystal Renn in this show, author of "Hungry", ex-top model and plus-size model nowadays. Renn started her modeling career in high fashion at the age of 14 after being told to lose almost a third of her total body weight. This weight loss eventually triggered a health crisis, causing her to reassess her diet and exercise habits. After gaining 70 pounds (32 kg) and re-emerging as a U.S. size 12, she was re-marketed by her agents as a plus-size model.

In addition to working repeatedly with notable fashion photographers Ruven Afanador and Steven Meisel and being the only plus-size model to appear on a Harper's Bazaar cover and appearing in four international Vogue editions, Crystal has enjoyed lucrative contracts with many high-profile plus-size clothing manufacturers such as Lane Bryant, Evans and Torrid, and has also appeared on the runway for Vena Cava, Heatherette, Elena Miro, and most notably for Jean-Paul Gaultier in his Spring/Summer prêt-à-porter 2006 collection in Paris, garnering favorable and extensive media interest.
Renn is also notable for appearing in back-to-back campaigns in 2007 wearing regular-sized (not specifically plus-size) clothing for Spanish retailer
Mango; her photos appearing amid those of smaller models and without notation regarding her larger size, a rare occurrence in conventional apparel advertising.
Renn's first book, HUNGRY, was co-authored by Marjorie Ingall and released on September 8, 2009.
During an on-camera interview at an Australian industry function, Renn's agent Gary Dakin noted that her total income would now be "close to 7 figures".
Renn is currently reporting for
Glamour Magazine on New York Fashion Week 2010 on the fall collections.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_Renn

Crystal Renn on HUNGRY : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhjs5HfWN30 Crystal Renn speaks about her new book Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.

Plus-size model Crystal Renn on Good Morning America and 20/20: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JtcOcj8sGQ&NR=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sfhlo80doK4&feature=related

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  1. Too many posts on this topic? Is this one particularly difficult? Are you just on holidays and plan to work on this later? Remember this is good practice and we are here to help you!

  2. I think that fashion world isn't what at first we can imagine. We only see the nice side but behind TV, catwalks, fashion shows, fashion magazines and others I think that world so wonderful isn't so wonderful. One time I read that you have to measure you success according to what you have to left on your path and I think that Crystal Renn left a lot. Thank goodness she realized on time, I even see her prettier as a plus-size model than she was before.

    Cristina González Angós

  3. Yes, Cristina, may be that is the point, probably too many things should have to be said as it is a complicated matter in cases like Crystal's. We will se what others may tell us.

  4. I completely agree with Cristina. Fashion world is not as nice as it can be imagined at first.
    When I see the pics of Crystal, in which she's only 16!, she seems to be ill, well, in fact she was!, but I can't understand how she could be encouraged for someone to lose weight. She's more beautiful now, she's healthy and happy and I think this is the real beauty.
    I think this super-thin models are not a good example for the young girls that are still growing but the medias are giving them a distorted vision of what is beauty.

    Silvia Useros

  5. Mmme, I forgot to say, that I specially like what he says at the end of the interview, something like people they can be themselves, they don't have to conform to be accepted but to accept themselves.

    Silvia Useros

  6. In my opinion, it is not just in in the fashion world, but in ordinary one as well. I mean, there are lots of girls worried about their weight... It is more and more frequent to know somebody, o heard about somebody who has anorexia. Fortunately, things are beginning to change, because, as one of the woman said: there is no beauty when there's no health, and we shouldn't try to be in a particular size. We are not all the same. There is a wige range in weight, shape, etc, and all of them can be beautiful.
    Lucía Sanz

  7. Thanks Lucía, Silvia and Cristina.
    We should teach teenagers, specially, that this is something called photoshop, that there is a difference between real world and magazines, movies, etc and the most important thing: we are nothing if we are not healthy. Some people are slim, others are short, tall, redhaired, frekly, funny, boring, etc. and it is part of what we are. We are not standardized puppets. AND that is GOOD.

  8. Elena de los Cobos4/20/10, 10:17 PM

    Hello: As I have said in other posts I´m overweight and I had a lot of problems with my image when I was young because as I was(and still am)a compulsive eater I´ve never been able to look slimm and something that gets on my nerves is when people tell me I should lose several kilos to be O.K. Why do we have to be thin to be O.K?

  9. Hi Elena,
    Sometimes It seems that people like to see the other when they should analyzed themselves.
    I could tell you some nonsense comments, but specially one of the most stupid ones that happened to me, it was when a lot of years ago a friend and I were talking and suddenly she said surprised:
    "ohhh, what happened with your ears?"
    I nearly fell, and I immediately touch my ears with both hands waiting for the worst.
    " What???", I said.
    "your ears have little lobe!!"
    I looked at her and I said:
    "What??I love my ears!!!"
    In fact I have always though that they are nice, and I haven't had any special interest in having a ears like she has, because I think the mines are the best (at least for my face, for me).
    Maybe it is a stupid example, but I wanted to mean that some people think that its "things" are the best, when there are a lot of beauties and the most important is that you feel ok.
    Moreover, who cares about the ears of other? jeje

  10. Thanks, Elena, your point of view is very helpful for others. People tend to share their opinions no matter how useful/useless they are and most of the times in a not very polite way.
    Elena's anecdote is very clear too.
    This must teach us to be tactful and empathise more with the other human beings! :-)

  11. Nieves Gomez6/22/10, 9:04 AM

    The video about plus size model is really interesting. Models who appear in international catwalk look like if they were ill and it encourges people to imitate them. I know hackneyed subject but it's the truth.
    On the other hand I don't know why Crystal Renn is a plus size model, I don't think she's fat, I think she's really beauty, glamurous, She looks terrific.
    To finish I have to say that the end of the video is really funny.