I'm not really sure whether this would come as HEALTHY DIETS but it is a delicious dessert recipe, and easy to do that Dra. María Jordano has left for you all as a little gift for the Easter break!! Really mouth-watering...


Any other "weight-reducing" but yummy recipes?


  1. It really looks delicious!
    I didn't know this recipe with honey, in my family we do it in another way.
    We use a piece of bread, instead a toast, and we use more milk (but well, it's not the same a toast that a piece of bread) and at the end, we put a plate with sugar, cinnamon and a little of grated lemon (all mixed),and we cover the bread with it.
    It looks like more like the picture.

  2. It really taste delicious! I have just to cook it and it were very jummy. I have never tasted this recipy. Just like Silvia, in my family use a piece of bread and sugar instead a toast and honey but I have to say that this is a good way to cook it too and my husband and my children are proof of it because they have eaten all it.

    Cristina González Angós

  3. Warenka Mora Aponte3/29/10, 10:47 PM

    I know this recipe long time ago, but I know it under the name "French Toast" and I usually eat them with maple sirup, mmmm the best!!! This is a fampus recipe for me because it is in the movie "Kramer vs Kramer" with Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep. Dustin Hoffman, the father, makes his kid French toast for breakfast. I think it got the Oscar as the best movie in 1979. I think it is great, if you get the chance try to watch it.

    Well, back in the memory train, anyways this French toast is just the best breakfast ever, or dinner. It goes nice with a cup of coffee and of course a good company.

    Enjoy the spring break.....


  4. Cristina Tejera3/30/10, 3:14 PM

    Well, I used to eat this stuff when I was a child. I haven't tasted it since, so this afternoon I think I'm going to make some for my little boy.


  5. Silvia!! What a good idea, grated lemon!! I'll try soon. In my family we do them like Cristina G. with stale bread.
    Warenka is right, I rememeber this recipe is cooked in that film, I liked it very much...the film and the recipe!!
    Crisitna T. like you , I 'll try this French toast instead of our torrijas for a change, and they seem a bit lighter as well.

  6. Hello,
    I have a yummy recipe called "Carrots cake".

    -250 gr of flour
    -200-250 gr of sugar
    -150 ml of sunflower oil
    -3 eggs
    -1 soup spoon of baking powder
    -3 medium carrots

    -margarine and flour to smear the form
    - a round metal form

    - a grater (the big one)
    - liquidificadora (Sorry, but I didn`t find a proper translation of the word)
    - the round metal form

    Grate the carrots and put them with the eggs and the sunflower oil into the "liquidificador".Mix them during 2 minutes.

    In a bole put the sugar, the flour and the baking powder.If it is necessary, put more flour.Mix it all with a wooden spoon during 2 minutes.

    Smear the round metal form with margarine (be generous) and flour.

    Depending on the form you choose fill half of it with the composition.IT WILL GROW.

    Put it in the oven at 180ºC during 25-30 minutes.You don`t have to turn the heat on before.

    Enjoy it!

    It`s a good way to make children eat vegetables.It is easy to make, cheap and tasty.

    Valentina Ionescu

  7. From time to time I like going to a vegetearian restaurant that I specially like, and I always take as a dessert a piece of carrot cake. I have to try to do it by myself!
    It is a very interesting recipe!

    Greetings, Silvia Useros

  8. Thanks Silvia.You try it! It will take you a few minutes.And if you want to you can put chocolate cream and coconut above it.

    Valentina Ionescu

  9. Marillanos BERNABEU5/18/10, 8:29 PM

    Yeah, it look very delicious but it must have a lot of calories. But I am one who thinks that you only live once and I enjoy the food.

  10. Hello,
    Here is another easy recipe (now that we have time to practise).

    Romanian homemade donuts
    Ingredients: milk
    baking powder (15 gr)
    1 egg
    a pinch of normal sugar
    a pinch of salt

    oil to fry
    azucar glas

    More milk you use, more flour you`ll need and more quantity you`ll get.

    Put some milk to warm.It must be template.Then mix it with the flour,the egg,the baking powder, the salt and the sugar (the normal one).

    Pulverize the table with some flour and extend the mass.Using a small glass you make the round form of the donuts.(you can also make funny figures).

    The oil where you fry them must be hot and you have to put enough quantity (this depends on how big is your frying pan).

    !!!!I never used olive oil so I don`t know if it is a good idea to use it.The sunflower oil is fine.

    And in the end pulverize azucar glas (how do you say it in English?) and that`s it!

    Enjoy it!

    Valentina Ionescu

  11. Hi Valentina!
    Definitely, I'm going to become fan of your recipes!
    It seems delicious but too easy to be real :)
    Now that I'm going to have more time, I'll have to try.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Silvia Useros

  12. Hi Silvia,
    Thanks!This is my grandmother`s recipe.She never fails.And the Romanian cookery is not very complicated.This is the desert we serve when we have unexpected guests or we want "something sweet".You can also fill them with jam.Let me know when you make them, please!

    Valentina Ionescu

  13. Hello,
    Here is a Portuguese one.It is called "carne de porco a alentejana".

    -pork meat
    -clams of Pacific (the white ones)
    -fried potatoes
    -white wine

    A few hours before making it cut the meat in buckets and put them with white wine, salt and garlic.
    Cut the potatoes in buckets also.

    If the clams are frozen put them with some cold water and salt.They will open.

    Fry teh meat, the potatoes and the clams in different frying pans and then mix all of them.
    You can join them with pickles

    Enjoy it!

    Valentina Ionescu