The Daughters Of Edward Darley Boit By John Singer Sargent

The Daughters Of Edward Darley Boit By John Singer Sargent


This is not a blog about art, and I do hope ED won't get mad at me (!) but I've come across this wonderful video in the forum of another of the subjects I have as a tutor: it is good practice for your ears, it is learning about another painter and about how to look at a painting and you can watch many other paintings by many, many other painters but, above all is enjoying art and learning more English and about English speaking countires.

It's Friday and we need a little break like this. Now, enjoy the video. Yo can write later about your impressions on art. Have a relaxing weekend if you can.


  1. You can leave your fave paintings as well, so that we can have a look at them, if you wish.

  2. I have never seen before anything of this painter but I have to say that I have been speechless. His work is wonderful, the details of the children's dresses, the look on their face...
    Almost all painter that I know paint abstract art and I have known some of them through my children because every year they study an author in the school. Some years ago my eldest son study to Vasili Kandinsky. He is Russian and his painting are full of colour and it is really strange how children let their imagination run away with them. This year my little daughter are studying to Paul Klee and in some ways his work is alike to Kandinsky's althouth his paintings have a duller colours.

    I attach two link just in case you want to see theirs paintings.


    Nevertheless, some of my favourite painters are Goya and Sorolla. The firts because is an author of my native land, Aragón, and the second because I like his paintings about the sea.

    Cristina González

  3. Thanks Cristina, In fact when I was watching this painting some details brought Sorolla to my mind. I'm not an expert, not even an amateur but those pinafores reminded me of Sorolla's women's dresses.

  4. I heard about this painter some weeks ago in the news.
    He was compared with Velázquez and his painting "Las Meninas".
    It is very interesting how he was influenced in "Las Meninas", and if we compare the both works we can apreciate the similar composition.
    If someone is interested, this painting is going to be in "El Museo del Prado" together with "Las Meninas" from the 16th march to the 30th may.
    It's a good opportunity to compare them together!

    Silvia Useros

  5. Paloma Blanco4/23/10, 7:01 PM

    I like very much paintings for many reasons although I think nobody needs any reason to feel art and I have a lot of painters friends. This painter reminds me Sorolla as well. It´s light and the delicacy of its traces.
    One of my favourite painters is Modigliani but I like different styles as well: Picasso, Kandisky as well (he studied to be a lawyer, curiously). In London I have recently seen the new portrait of Prince Williams and his brother and I liked it very much it´s a sort of photography. I let you the site to take a look

  6. Irene Espósito6/12/10, 2:53 PM

    It is fascinating to see the expressions on the girls faces, they do have a doll-like air to them. Sargent is a classic from his time. In a different way but somehow related in my mind's eye to Turner, whose paintings and especially the water colours are worth seeing. Beautiful post, thank you. And thank you all for the links, so amazing all these images are just a click away...